VTK-m  2.0
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ArrayHandleSwizzle.h File Reference
#include <vtkm/cont/ArrayHandleTransform.h>
#include <vtkm/VecTraits.h>
#include <vtkmstd/integer_sequence.h>

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class  vtkm::cont::ArrayHandleSwizzle< ArrayHandleType, OutSize >
 Swizzle the components of the values in an ArrayHandle. More...


 Groups connected points that have the same field value.
 VTK-m Control Environment.


template<typename ArrayHandleType , vtkm::IdComponent OutSize>
VTKM_CONT ArrayHandleSwizzle< ArrayHandleType, OutSize > vtkm::cont::make_ArrayHandleSwizzle (const ArrayHandleType &array, const vtkm::Vec< vtkm::IdComponent, OutSize > &map)
template<typename ArrayHandleType , typename... SwizzleIndexTypes>
VTKM_CONT ArrayHandleSwizzle< ArrayHandleType, vtkm::IdComponent(sizeof...(SwizzleIndexTypes)+1)> vtkm::cont::make_ArrayHandleSwizzle (const ArrayHandleType &array, vtkm::IdComponent swizzleIndex0, SwizzleIndexTypes... swizzleIndices)