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vtkm::cont::CellLocatorGeneral Class Reference

A CellLocator that works generally well for any supported cell set. More...

#include <CellLocatorGeneral.h>

Inheritance diagram for vtkm::cont::CellLocatorGeneral:

Public Types

using ContLocatorList = vtkm::List< vtkm::cont::CellLocatorUniformGrid, vtkm::cont::CellLocatorRectilinearGrid, vtkm::cont::CellLocatorTwoLevel >
using ExecLocatorList = vtkm::List< vtkm::cont::internal::ExecutionObjectType< vtkm::cont::CellLocatorUniformGrid >, vtkm::cont::internal::ExecutionObjectType< vtkm::cont::CellLocatorRectilinearGrid >, vtkm::cont::internal::ExecutionObjectType< vtkm::cont::CellLocatorTwoLevel > >
using ExecObjType = vtkm::ListApply< ExecLocatorList, vtkm::exec::CellLocatorMultiplexer >
using LastCell = typename ExecObjType::LastCell

Public Member Functions

VTKM_CONT ExecObjType PrepareForExecution (vtkm::cont::DeviceAdapterId device, vtkm::cont::Token &token) const

Private Types

using Superclass = vtkm::cont::internal::CellLocatorBase< CellLocatorGeneral >

Private Member Functions

VTKM_CONT void Build ()

Private Attributes

vtkm::cont::ListAsVariant< ContLocatorListLocatorImpl
friend Superclass

Detailed Description

A CellLocator that works generally well for any supported cell set.

CellLocatorGeneral creates a CellLocator that acts like a multiplexer to switch at runtime to any supported cell set. It is a convenient class to use when the type of CellSet cannot be determined at runtime.

Note that CellLocatorGeneral only supports a finite amount of CellSet types. Thus, it is possible to give it a cell set type that is not supported.

Also note that CellLocatorGeneral can add a significant amount of code inside of worklet that uses it, and this might cause some issues with some compilers.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ContLocatorList

◆ ExecLocatorList

using vtkm::cont::CellLocatorGeneral::ExecLocatorList = vtkm::List<vtkm::cont::internal::ExecutionObjectType<vtkm::cont::CellLocatorUniformGrid>, vtkm::cont::internal::ExecutionObjectType<vtkm::cont::CellLocatorRectilinearGrid>, vtkm::cont::internal::ExecutionObjectType<vtkm::cont::CellLocatorTwoLevel> >

◆ ExecObjType

◆ LastCell

using vtkm::cont::CellLocatorGeneral::LastCell = typename ExecObjType::LastCell

◆ Superclass

using vtkm::cont::CellLocatorGeneral::Superclass = vtkm::cont::internal::CellLocatorBase<CellLocatorGeneral>

Member Function Documentation

◆ Build()

VTKM_CONT void vtkm::cont::CellLocatorGeneral::Build ( )

◆ PrepareForExecution()

VTKM_CONT ExecObjType vtkm::cont::CellLocatorGeneral::PrepareForExecution ( vtkm::cont::DeviceAdapterId  device,
vtkm::cont::Token token 
) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ LocatorImpl

vtkm::cont::ListAsVariant<ContLocatorList> vtkm::cont::CellLocatorGeneral::LocatorImpl

◆ Superclass

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