VTK-m  2.0
vtkm::cont::ExecutionAndControlObjectBase Struct Reference

Base ExecutionAndControlObjectBase class. More...

#include <ExecutionAndControlObjectBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for vtkm::cont::ExecutionAndControlObjectBase:
vtkm::cont::ExecutionObjectBase vtkm::worklet::MIRObject< IDType, FloatType > vtkm::worklet::MIRParentObject vtkm::worklet::PointMerge::BinLocator vtkm::Box vtkm::Cylinder vtkm::Frustum vtkm::ImplicitFunctionMultiplexer< vtkm::Box, vtkm::Cylinder, vtkm::Frustum, vtkm::Plane, vtkm::Sphere > vtkm::ImplicitFunctionMultiplexer< ImplicitFunctionTypes > vtkm::ImplicitFunctionGeneral

Detailed Description

Base ExecutionAndControlObjectBase class.

These are objects that behave as execution objects but can also be use din the control environment. Any subclass of ExecutionAndControlObjectBase must implement a PrepareForExecution method that takes a device adapter tag and a vtkm::cont::Token reference and returns an object for that device. It also must implement PrepareForControl that simply returns an object that works in the control environment.

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