VTK-m  2.0
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vtkm::cont::StorageTagImplicit< ArrayPortalType > Struct Template Reference

An implementation for read-only implicit arrays. More...

#include <ArrayHandleImplicit.h>

Public Types

using PortalType = ArrayPortalType

Detailed Description

template<class ArrayPortalType>
struct vtkm::cont::StorageTagImplicit< ArrayPortalType >

An implementation for read-only implicit arrays.

It is sometimes the case that you want VTK-m to operate on an array of implicit values. That is, rather than store the data in an actual array, it is gerenated on the fly by a function. This is handled in VTK-m by creating an ArrayHandle in VTK-m with a StorageTagImplicit type of Storage. This tag itself is templated to specify an ArrayPortal that generates the desired values. An ArrayHandle created with this tag will raise an error on any operation that tries to modify it.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ PortalType

template<class ArrayPortalType >
using vtkm::cont::StorageTagImplicit< ArrayPortalType >::PortalType = ArrayPortalType

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