VTK-m  2.0
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vtkm::exec::GradientOutput< vtkm::Vec3f_64 > Struct Reference

#include <GradientOutput.h>

Inheritance diagram for vtkm::exec::GradientOutput< vtkm::Vec3f_64 >:
vtkm::exec::GradientVecOutput< vtkm::Vec3f_64 > vtkm::cont::ExecutionObjectBase

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- Public Types inherited from vtkm::exec::GradientVecOutput< vtkm::Vec3f_64 >
using ValueType = vtkm::Vec< vtkm::Vec3f_64, 3 >
using BaseTType = typename vtkm::VecTraits< vtkm::Vec3f_64 >::BaseComponentType
- Public Member Functions inherited from vtkm::exec::GradientVecOutput< vtkm::Vec3f_64 >
VTKM_CONT vtkm::exec::GradientVecOutputExecutionObject< vtkm::Vec3f_64PrepareForExecution (vtkm::cont::DeviceAdapterId device, vtkm::cont::Token &token) const
 GradientVecOutput ()=default
 GradientVecOutput (bool g, bool d, bool v, bool q, vtkm::cont::ArrayHandle< ValueType > &gradient, vtkm::cont::ArrayHandle< BaseTType > &divergence, vtkm::cont::ArrayHandle< vtkm::Vec< BaseTType, 3 >> &vorticity, vtkm::cont::ArrayHandle< BaseTType > &qcriterion, vtkm::Id size)
- Public Attributes inherited from vtkm::exec::GradientVecOutput< vtkm::Vec3f_64 >
bool G
bool D
bool V
bool Q
vtkm::cont::ArrayHandle< ValueTypeGradient
vtkm::cont::ArrayHandle< BaseTTypeDivergence
vtkm::cont::ArrayHandle< vtkm::Vec< BaseTType, 3 > > Vorticity
vtkm::cont::ArrayHandle< BaseTTypeQcriterion
vtkm::Id Size

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