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vtkm::worklet::WorkletReduceByKey::ReducedValuesIn Struct Reference

A control signature tag for reduced output values. More...

#include <WorkletReduceByKey.h>

Inheritance diagram for vtkm::worklet::WorkletReduceByKey::ReducedValuesIn:

Public Types

using TypeCheckTag = vtkm::cont::arg::TypeCheckTagArrayIn
using TransportTag = vtkm::cont::arg::TransportTagArrayIn
using FetchTag = vtkm::exec::arg::FetchTagArrayDirectIn

Detailed Description

A control signature tag for reduced output values.

A WorkletReduceByKey operates by collecting all identical keys and calling one instance of the worklet for those identical keys. The worklet then produces a "reduced" value per key.

This tag specifies an ArrayHandle object that holds the values. It is an input array with entries for each reduced value. This could be useful to access values from a previous run of WorkletReduceByKey.

Member Typedef Documentation

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