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vtkm::worklet::WorkletReduceByKey::ReducedValuesInOut Struct Reference

A control signature tag for reduced output values. More...

#include <WorkletReduceByKey.h>

Inheritance diagram for vtkm::worklet::WorkletReduceByKey::ReducedValuesInOut:

Public Types

using TypeCheckTag = vtkm::cont::arg::TypeCheckTagArrayInOut
using TransportTag = vtkm::cont::arg::TransportTagArrayInOut
using FetchTag = vtkm::exec::arg::FetchTagArrayDirectInOut

Detailed Description

A control signature tag for reduced output values.

A WorkletReduceByKey operates by collecting all identical keys and calling one instance of the worklet for those identical keys. The worklet then produces a "reduced" value per key.

This tag specifies an ArrayHandle object that holds the values. It is an input/output array with entries for each reduced value. This could be useful to access values from a previous run of WorkletReduceByKey.

Member Typedef Documentation

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