VTK-m  2.0
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ExecutionObjectBase.h File Reference
#include <vtkm/Types.h>
#include <vtkm/cont/Token.h>
#include <vtkm/cont/serial/internal/DeviceAdapterTagSerial.h>

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struct  vtkm::cont::ExecutionObjectBase
 Base ExecutionObjectBase for execution objects to inherit from so that you can use an arbitrary object as a parameter in an execution environment function. More...


 Groups connected points that have the same field value.
 VTK-m Control Environment.


#define VTKM_IS_EXECUTION_OBJECT(execObject)
 Checks that the argument is a proper execution object. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


#define VTKM_IS_EXECUTION_OBJECT (   execObject)
static_assert(::vtkm::cont::internal::IsExecutionObjectBase<execObject>::value, \
"Provided type is not a subclass of vtkm::cont::ExecutionObjectBase."); \
static_assert(::vtkm::cont::internal::HasPrepareForExecution<execObject>::value, \
"Provided type does not have requisite PrepareForExecution method.")

Checks that the argument is a proper execution object.