VTK-m  2.0
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NewtonsMethod.h File Reference
#include <vtkm/Math.h>
#include <vtkm/Matrix.h>

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struct  vtkm::NewtonsMethodResult< ScalarType, Size >


 Groups connected points that have the same field value.


template<typename ScalarType , vtkm::IdComponent Size, typename JacobianFunctor , typename FunctionFunctor >
VTKM_SUPPRESS_EXEC_WARNINGS VTKM_EXEC_CONT NewtonsMethodResult< ScalarType, Size > vtkm::NewtonsMethod (JacobianFunctor jacobianEvaluator, FunctionFunctor functionEvaluator, vtkm::Vec< ScalarType, Size > desiredFunctionOutput, vtkm::Vec< ScalarType, Size > initialGuess=vtkm::Vec< ScalarType, Size >(ScalarType(0)), ScalarType convergeDifference=ScalarType(1e-3), vtkm::IdComponent maxIterations=10)
 Uses Newton's method (a.k.a. More...