VTK-m  2.0
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VecFlat.h File Reference
#include <vtkm/StaticAssert.h>
#include <vtkm/TypeTraits.h>
#include <vtkm/Types.h>
#include <vtkm/VecTraits.h>

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class  vtkm::VecFlat< T, bool >
 Treat a Vec or Vec-like object as a flat Vec. More...
class  vtkm::VecFlat< T, false >
class  vtkm::VecFlat< T, true >
struct  vtkm::TypeTraits< vtkm::VecFlat< T > >
struct  vtkm::VecTraits< vtkm::VecFlat< T > >


 Groups connected points that have the same field value.


template<typename T >
VTKM_EXEC_CONT vtkm::VecFlat< T > vtkm::make_VecFlat (const T &vec)
 Converts a Vec-like object to a VecFlat. More...